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Order placed, TY. So glad to have moved past the grifters and posers in the ormus community (since 2015) to cross paths with your aligned alchemy. May you prosper and be blessed.

Jewely Ann Facebook Client

Nano Plasma hmmm... It's alive/conscious. Was using both these products the other morning. (drank a bit of the water touching them) This was right after I had used the blue topical plasma for my skin on my arms & face. Plus I'd put the red Light Bearer's into the cup of my oxygen machine I was using to breath while doing some exercises (yoga & some weights). On top of that I'd consumed the tip of my pinky fingers worth of the white Orme's. I'd had no breakfast except the plasma. I then grabbed my 20 lbs dumbbells. (one for each hand) Even though I'm a hair under 6 foot I've very thin wrists so 20 lbs is alot for each arm. I'm also 65 years old. Usually I can barely do 10 reps on each arm before my muscles give out. This morning, I'm guessing because of the all the plasma products I went well past that. When I got past 30 or 40 reps. (I quit counting at a certain point) I just put them down but not because my arms were sore but because I was just tired of doing the exercise. The next day I wasn't sore either. My biceps just felt tight & looked visibly slightly bigger. Anyway, I ordered 25 lbs dumb bells off ebay.

Hazy Sunshine Facebook Client

I can feel the energy coming from your items before I even consume them! You do amazing work!

Anonymous Facebook Client

Your Mason jars of plasma came in whoa the energy coming off of them had me light headed last night

Anonymous Facebook Client

Looking forward too trying your science....with emence anticipation!