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I put out a few videos that kind of shows how to put the materials in a big one gallon pitcher. What you're looking for is a pitcher where the spigot is elevated above the bottom of the vessel. Each vessel will change according to how much of the material will fit underneath the spigot when fully settled, but 4-6 ounces is pretty typical for a One Gallon Pitcher. Once the materials are added you want to keep the material level below the spigot to not lose materials and then add water and let the materials settle below the spigot again, sometimes takes 24 hours especially the first couple times. Distilled water is always preferred.
Once the materials have settled below the spigot the water may be retrieved from the vessel and consumed or used for all the other plasma water purposes, and then add more distilled water and allow the settling process of the nano materials to repeat to create more Plasma Water. There are other ways to actually consume the products that lead to the eventual need to replace the materials however allowing them to settle continually and then retrieving the water only will allow them to last nearly indefinitely whilst creating nearly an infinite source of Plasma Water as long as the Source Plasma is Maintained and kept clean. This is why Distilled Water is preffered.
1)Add Plasma to fill below the spigot of a pitcher with the spigot elevated off the bottom about an inch or more.
2)Add distilled water to fill and allow materials to settle below spigot.
3)Retieve Plasma Water after settled below spigot, refill with distill and repeat settling process.
4)Use and or consume Plasma Water. You may make as much as you like nearly indefinitely.

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World Famous Light Bearer Plasma
Light Bearer Plasma is made following an anciet knowledge of alchemy and includes GOLD PLASMA

Since 2000, Platinum Indigos and those on the Christos Mission have come to the earth to anchor the platinum white and diamond crystals into the earth body and have quietly been embodying the platinum ray crystalline energies in order to seed the planetary Ascension template. The platinum crystalline network and the platinum ray act as the harmonic stabilizers of the planetary grid to interface with the parallel realities and align the matter realms with the anti-matter realms. Thus, the Platinum Ray 12D Shield technique offers protective strength to the human biological crystal and the planetary Crystal Core through the access made to run the highest available coherent energy current, which harmonizes the grid through the merge of particle and anti-particle. The platinum white crystal is located in the human lightbody at the top of the 12D Shield, in the 14th Chakra. When this biological crystal is activated in the lightbody it interconnects the human consciousness to the platinum crystal energy records in the earth body. This allows a biological interface to embody hydroplasmic light of the crystalline source of the platinum ray, which then extends to link into the whole spectrum of opalescent and pearlescent rainbow crystal light.
The Platinum Crystal seeded in the earth body is the master crystal containing the access into the frequency resonance that connects directly with the Law of One, the crystalline unity grid, or Cosmic Christos Consciousness. It provides the frequency code that brings completion to the unified male-female aspects in its crystalline DNA form. As a result of the perfect balance that exists between the states of polarity which exist in both matter and anti-matter in the Platinum Crystal and its crystalline ray structure, they provide for the highest available coherence for reaching the unified state that exists between multidimensional energies. The first stages of embodiment of the platinum ray will gradually activate the gold, platinum white and diamond crystal within, which will balance and heal the feminine principle lightbody connections to initialize the higher heart complex and Silicate Matrix.
The Platinum Crystal in the earth is connected with the Sun Disc Network, and this activates stages of balancing for the feminine-masculine principle and the mental bodies. Connection with these crystalline frequencies will begin to heal anti-life reversal current, metatronic reversal and artificial signals of Mind Control. In the individual lightbody, the entire solar plexus area reconfigures the mental body layers into a Golden Solar Gate energy vortice, which is called the RA Center.
The Platinum Crystal and Platinum Ray current activate the Sun Discs which are organic spirals of gold crystalline technology that are embedded in the planetary grid which extend out into a highway of holographic light frequency patterns. The planetary grid is organized intelligently into layers of geomantic blueprints holding living crystal consciousness, which perform specific functions within a precise layer of a crystalline lattice. Thus, when the Platinum Crystal became activated in the earth body, the Sun Disc technology that had been dormant since the time of the Atlantian Cataclysm also began to come online. The Sun Disc gold spirals generate the crystalline lattice that connect directly with the crystal core and run throughout the earth body and into the celestial map of Sun-Star networks located in the Galactic and Universal plane. The planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of multiple energy spectrums of stellar and crystal consciousness filled with intelligent geometric patterns of Universal Creation code.
The Sun Discs are vortices connected on the earth grid that interconnect with these stellar networks on multiple planes of reality, it is similar to viewing the holographic projection of the Cosmic Map of the Celestial bodies and Stars. Essentially through connection with the Sun Discs on the earth grid, it is possible to travel intergalactic highways of coherent crystalline solar light that allows for consciousness transport to other dimensions. The Sun Discs are being sequentially activated through the changes that have transpired in the Planetary Staff, shifts in the planetary axial tilt, the change in rate of spin, matter and anti-matter converging, and transmissions of an assortment of crystalline frequencies.
Recently the Sun Disc network has been highlighted during Solar Activations for this Summer Solstice, as a new Universal Layer of Paliadorian Solar Bodies have recently interconnected with the planetary Sun Disc network. The Paliadorian Suns have also been referred to as Sun-Stars, as they appear to transmit star crystals and star bodies, as well as a range of stellar frequencies. As a result of Paliadorian Activation, new crystal bodies are being grown from the plasmic light activity in the crystal caverns, earth core and Albion body. This appears to be a transmission of healing crystal frequencies for the human tribes and race lines in the formation of new crystal stars, designed for healing solar bodies, in which those on earth with fractured souls are given crystal stars at some point in the timeline in order to heal their consciousness body.
Recent gridwork involving Guardian projects for Crystal Core Activation have highlighted underground crystal bed networks being activated through Easter Island to link with the crystalline energies that are connected to the Sun Disc vortices in Minas Gerais, Brazil; Lake Titicaca, Bolivia; Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland; Giza, Egypt and Uluru, Australia.
Light Bearer Plasma includes Monoatomic Gold PlasmaAuO2AuO2(Gold) PlasmaGold Plasma (AuO2) and AuO2 activated Plasma Water (gold) supports mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.Promotes the greatest over-all health and wellness of all Plasma's"Gold Plasma raises life Chi force and supports conductivity between nerve endings in the brain and on the surface of the body. It enlivens, rejuvenates and eases a multitude of ailments, supports blood circulation, cardio health and alleviates arthritis. Heightens senses, decreases need for sleep, increases physical energy, makes skin younger, and focus is tuned up. Gold acts just like the human's, "Energetic Light Body", and is greatly impacted by all multitudes of sound, light, vibration, etc.







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