Matching Halo Bangel Set

Matching Halo Bangel Set


Justin Smith's World Famous Matching  Golden Halo & Bangel Set 

For Advanced Telekinetic Frequencies



For Advanced Telekinetic Frequencies 

Sizes need to be measured per person around the head

Custom Order Custom Fit 


Mercury Extraction from the Brain with Plasma

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I demonstrate the extraction of heavy metals and toxins with the Golden Halo's.

We as Mankind, as a species, are at a New Age and in the very earliest stages with one of the most significant "Break-Throughs in Science" of all of our life times, and it is being introduced through the "Golden Halos"

When our body as a distillery has all the correct material inside us, Mercury turns into it's Plasma Ionized Field Form beyond a Gas, and then with the Proper Magnetic Gravitational Fields on the Outside of the Body, the Mercury Extraction is Made Possible as it then Amalgamates into The Halo. Thus the Mercury is Transmuted through the Fields and rests in it's final location outside the human body into the Halos. Once the process takes place the tools can be discarded and replaced with knew ones. This is another reason why we don't share our tools.


“Gold Plasma (AuO) and AuO activated Plasma water (gold) supports mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Gold Plasma raises life Chi force and supports conductivity between nerve endings in the body and on the surface of the brain. It enlivens, rejuvenates and eases a multitude of ailments, supports blood circulation, cardio health and alleviates arthritis. Heightens senses, decreases need for sleep, increases physical energy, makes skin younger, and focus is tuned up. Gold Plasma is greatly impacted by all multitudes of sound, light, vibration, etc.


The Halo and Bangles are made from Pure Gold and CO2 Plasma.

The arrangement of two wrist bangles and a halo on the head forms a triangle and our body which is saline transmutes our own elements into a form of Gold Plasma.”

This ability in a complex yet simplified set up is quite literally going to change the course of HISTORY.

The sensation is felt immediately. It's been said to feel differently for everyone but this is usually just the first most significant feeling they speak about that triggers a response they can recognize and associate for their own processing of the interactions. To use they must be worn and can simply be placed around water, food, plants etc. The most important aspect is that once these are placed on your head, it becomes yours and imprints to you. The fields begin to develope to accommodate you. After the initial imprinting bond takes place, we do not wish to allow another to wear our tools. In the case of my discovery of the Mercury being extracted from my brain tissues it dawned on me that what just came out of my electromagnetic field strength by way of molecules, would in fact be harmful to someone else of lesser conductivity electrically and also of weaker magnetic fields, and the Mercury that left my physical body could be absorbed into the lesser field strength living being. There is still a lot of research to be done of course but this is a huge breakthrough. This is what the Atlantans and Egyptians knew and we now can push it further whereby science and spirituality finally have the first key.


When I do make them, as long as they are all made at the same time with the exact same materials, it bonds them all together to have the exact same frequencies. This means they will share a connection through frequency and the people or animals to wear them will have more instant telekinetic capabilities in transmitting and receiving the others brain waves. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, and of course manifested will.

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